version 1.9

publCIF – free software to edit and preview a CIF for publication


publCIF takes a crystallographic information file (CIF) and prepares a formatted paper (Preprint) in the style of Acta Crystallographica Sections C and E, and IUCrData.

The CIF and the Preprint are presented side-by-side and are both editable. Changes made to one are applied to the other as you type.

screenshot of publCIF

data input wizard

Starting with a CIF resulting from a structure refinement, use publCIF to:

publCIF employs extensive CIF syntax and dictionary compliance checking, both as you type and when specifically requested. In addition, it provides a number of editorial tools to help you write your paper in the style required by IUCr journals.

publCIF is described in the Journal of Applied Crystallography: Westrip, S. P. (2010). J. Appl. Cryst. 43, 920–925 []

New in this version

Funding inforation

IUCr Journals now include a Funding information section in journal articles and additionally include this information in the distributed metadata associated with articles (see

This version of publCIF includes a widget to collect such data for CIF-based articles.


Latest releases

Windows version publcif_win_1.9.21.exe [XP, Vista, Windows 7+]

[Please note, problems have been reported relating to missing libraries on Windows – if publCIF will not start, it may be necessary to install the Windows runtime libraries available from Microsoft: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)]

Mac version publcif_mac_1.9.21.dmg [Mac OS X 10.6 onwards]

Linux version publcif_linux_1.9.21.tar.gz [info]